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  • Organic intestinal cure
  • Organic intestinal cure
  • Organic intestinal cure
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Organic intestinal cure

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  • To support digestion & immune system
  • Contains 30 capsules probapure & 90 capsules colon pure
  • The ideal combination of bacteria cultures & dietary fibres
  • Save 10% compared to a single purchase

Organic intestinal cure

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Organic intestinal cure with bacterial cultures, flea seed husks, inulin, fennel & anise

Our organic intestinal cure contains:

1 x nupure probapure with valuable lactic acid and bifido bacteria

1 x colon pure with flea seed husks, fennel & anise.

 Both products are manufactured in Germany in organic quality .

If you buy our organic intestinal cure you save 10% compared to the purchase of the individual products



Flea seed husks

In Indian medicine, the shells of the seeds of the Indian plantain, also known as psyllium known for a long time, they have also been valued here for their swelling properties. Due to their high mucilage content, the flea seed husks can absorb up to 400 mL/g of liquid within four hours and swell many times their size. In this way, they stimulate receptors in the intestinal wall, which then ensure increased intestinal movement. This property makes them a valuable aid in cases of constipation.

In case of diarrhoea, the flea seed husks can bind excess water and thus improve the consistency of the stool.



Inulin is a so-called fibre that cannot be digested by the body. It is an important nutrient for bifidobacteria, which perform essential functions in the human intestinal tract. The inulin contained in nupure colon pure is obtained purely naturally from chicory and from the agave. 


Anise and fennel

Both plants are important components of almost every pharmacy. As tea they have long been valued for their antispasmodic and digestive properties. They owe these properties to the essential oils anethole and fenchon. In nupure colon pure, they support intestinal cleansing in a natural way, have a calming, antispasmodic effect and promote the digestion.



nupure colon pure: organic inulin (from agave), organic flea seed husk powder (plantago ovata), organic fennel seed powder, coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (plant-based capsule shell), organic star anise powder

nupure probapure: organic inulin, lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus helveticus, lactobacillus rhamnosus, bifidobacterium lactis, bifidobacterium longum, streptococcus thermophilus, capsule shell: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.


>Intake & storage


Adults take 2 capsules of nupure colon pure + 1 capsule of nupure probapure 10-20 minutes before the first meal unchewed with plenty of liquid. The third capsule of nupure colon pure should be taken in the afternoon at the latest. 

In order to make the most of the swelling of the flea seed husks, at least 250 mL of liquid should be drunk with the capsules. Make sure to drink enough throughout the day. If the liquid intake is insufficient, the shells cannot develop their full potential.

An intake with milk should be avoided as the swelling properties of the flea seed husks can be negatively influenced. 


To ensure the longest possible shelf life and a good survival rate for the bacteria, the products should always be stored away from light, cool and dry, even after purchase.

Storage in the refrigerator is not necessary for probapure or colon pure.

Important notes

The indicated recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of the reach of children.


>TÜV verdict

Grade "very good" in the TÜV customer survey. 


TÜV Saarland surveyed our customers on their satisfaction.

The criteria included: the quality of our products, duration of delivery, handling of complaints and the overall price/performance ratio.


The overall rating is "very good"


93% of our customers would recommend us to others.

>Money-back guarantee

Unconditional 90 day money back guarantee

We are convinced of the quality and effect of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is close to our hearts.

That's why we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The conditions are simple: if you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, you can complain about it and receive a refund immediately after returning it. 

If you are not satisfied, you will receive a refund even for a pack that has already been opened, even if it is empty! 

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